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Cotton Twill Kippah

A durable, lightweight material, available in vivid colors and patterns to match any occasion.

Cotton Twill Kippah Material

$3.75 Minimum quantity:
60 kippahs

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Available in the following styles:

  • Camo: Desert

  • Camo: Forest

    Camo: Forest

  • Camo: Greyscale

    Camo: Greyscale

  • Camo: Hunter

    Camo: Hunter

  • Camo: Night Guard

    Camo: Night Guard

  • Denim: Classic Blue

    Denim: Classic Blue

  • Denim: Dark Navy

    Denim: Dark Navy

  • Denim: Navy Blue

    Denim: Navy Blue

  • Solid: Black

    Solid: Black

  • Solid: Burgundy

    Solid: Burgundy

  • Solid: Cardinal Red

    Solid: Cardinal Red

  • Solid: Carmine

    Solid: Carmine

  • Solid: Eggplant

    Solid: Eggplant

  • Solid: Dark Tan

    Solid: Dark Tan

  • Solid: Green

    Solid: Green

  • Solid: Grey

    Solid: Grey

  • Solid: Khaki

    Solid: Khaki

  • Solid: Light Blue

    Solid: Light Blue

  • Solid: Navy Blue

    Solid: Navy Blue

  • Solid: Orange

    Solid: Orange

  • Solid: Pink

    Solid: Pink

  • Solid: Royal Blue

    Solid: Royal Blue

  • Solid: Slate Green

    Solid: Slate Green

  • Solid: Slate Grey

    Solid: Slate Grey

  • Solid: Steel Blue

    Solid: Steel Blue

  • Solid: Virdian

    Solid: Virdian

  • Solid: White

    Solid: White

  • Solid: Yellow

    Solid: Yellow

Customize My Kippah