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Kippah Material

Select from a wide array of fabrics and colors. Add a custom embroidered logo on the outside of your kippah to create a kippah that is truly "one-of-a-kind"! You dream it, we'll make it happen!

Click a material to select it, then proceed to "Save & Continue".

Panel Layout: Edit Selection

CoolKippahs have four panels. You can create a classic, single color/pattern kippah, or customize with our other available options.

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Include Embossing? (+$0.34)

Suede Finish:Edit Selection

Our line of suede kippahs are available with out without an embossing. Embossing is available as an inkless "blind emboss," or with a metallic finish.

Available Suede Finishes:

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Metallic Color:


Embossing Design:



Select a Trim Color: Edit Trim Color

Your suede kippah automatically comes with a matching trim.

For an additional $0.20 per kippah, you may replace the standard trim with one of the available custom materials. If you select a custom trim, you can choose to include it either on the entire kippah, or on the base only.

Select Trim Color:

Trim Layout:

Personalized Text:

Include Personalized Text?

Personalize your kippah with up to five lines of imprinted text on a label in the inside of your kippah.

Kippah Size:

Our Standard Size kippah measures 17 cm when measured across the top. The Large Size kippah measures 19 cm, and our XL kippah measures 21 cm.
You may choose up to two sizes Kippah Measurement Diagram


A total minimum quantity of {{summary.minimumQty}} pieces is required.

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Kippah Clips:

Kippah clips are included in your order at no extra charge.

We will include kippah clips in your order for an additional ${{clipsPrice}} per clip.

Regular kippah clips are included in your order at no extra charge.
Our Kippah-It On! wig-style clips may be selected, for an additional charge of ${{clipsPrice}} per pair on each kippah.

Regular kippah clips are included in your order at no extra charge.
Our Kippah-It On! wig-style clips may be selected, for an additional charge of ${{clipsPrice}} per pair on each kippah.

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You have questions, we have answers.

I really only need a few pieces. Could I still place an order?

We’re sorry, but custom orders must meet the minimum requirement of 60 pieces of the same material, design, color and layout. Suede kippah orders require a minimum of 48 pieces of the same design, color and layout.

My event is soon, when should I place my order?

All Kippah orders, except suede, require 45 days to process. Suede Kippah orders require 21 days to process. Allow enough lead time to insure that you receive your order in time for your event.

I don’t have 45 days to my event can I still place an order?

Yes. You have several options.

1) For all materials except suede, if you have at least 35 days to your event, your order can be processed as a RUSH ORDER. RUSH ORDERS are charged an additional $50.00, and RUSH shipping charges may also apply.

2) You can order Suede Kippot which take 21 days to process. or…..

3) If you have at least 10 days before your event we can process a suede Kippah order as a RUSH ORDER. Suede RUSH ORDERS are charged an additional $30.00, and RUSH shipping charges may also apply.

My son's Bar Mitzvah is on one date, but his reception is on a different date. Which date should I use on the inner text?

We recommend using the date of his Bar Mitzvah, rather than the reception date.

What is the maximum number of letters per line that can be stamped on the inside?

Stamping is limited to 24 letters and spaces per line, and up to 5 lines of print.

How can I add an embroidered logo/monogram to the outside of my kippah?

During the ordering process (during the 3rd step “Personalization”) you will be presented with the option of uploading a custom embroidered logo or monogram to any material except suede. Files can be uploaded as a JPEG, PDF or PING file.
Embroidery adds 50¢ - $1 per kippah, depending on the material, which will automatically reflect in the price of your kippah. Although Suede kippahs cannot be embroidered, a custom logo can be "hot stamped" on the outside of the kippah. Note that "hot stamped" logos are limited to one color, cost 75 cents per kippah plus an initial $45 plate charge. Those charges will automatically reflect in the price of your Suede kippah.

What are the dimensions of embroidered logos/monograms?

A logo or monogram that is embroidered (or in the case of a suede kippah, "hot stamped") on the outside of your kippah is generally embroidered (or "hot stamped") on one quadrant of each kippah. Your logo or monogram will be sized by the manufacturer to insure that it is legible and proportional to that area. If the custom logo or monogram that you submit is not suitable, we will notify you, and you will be given the option of modifying or changing the logo/monogram prior to processing.

Are you able to create a logo/monogram for me?

Absolutely! While placing your order select "design it for me," and one of our designers will provide you with two logo/monogram designs to choose from. There is a $100.00 charge for this service which will be added to the total due for your order.

Am I able to cancel or revise my order once placed?

Orders, except for RUSH orders, may be cancelled, or revised within the first 24 hours with no penalty. After 24 hours, but less than one week orders will be subject to a 10% fee for cancellation or revisions. Orders older than one weeks may not be cancelled or revised. If you need to cancel, or revise your order, contact us at as soon as possible for further instructions.

Do I see the kippah/logo before the order goes to full production?

Unfortunately, due to the way these kippahs are manufactured, we cannot provide an actual sample of your kippah/logo before production. However, we can provide a picture of your kippah before it goes into full production. In addition, we can provide a representative sampling of the material and color desired. See below.

Do you send samples?

Yes. Samples are available as swatches, or full kippahs. You may request up to five swatches, and/or three kippahs. Swatches are free of charge, and full kippahs are $5 each. Samples are shipped via USPS (with tracking but no guaranteed delivery date) or, for a $10 fee, via UPS (with UPS Tracking and a guaranteed delivery date). There is no shipping charge for swatches only.

Note: If a full kippah in the chosen fabric, color or size is not available, a comparable kippah, along with a swatch sample of the selected fabric/color will be sent.

Contact us at if you would like to order samples.

Do you offer any discounts for large orders?

Absolutely! Orders for 500 pcs. or more will receive a 10% discount. Discount applies to 500 or more pcs. of one design, color, material, personalized text and logo (if included). Sorry, different designs and kippot cannot be combined for the discount.