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Kippah-it On!

The original do it yourself inner kippah clip.

2-pack: $4.49

Kippah-It On! Kippah Clip
Kippah-It On! Front View

Tough, yet Comfortable

The innovative wig-style snap clip is easy to use, and will hold on to all hair types. Kippah-It On! uses only top quality 10 prong metal clips which are hand sewn to each woven backing to assure the highest quality craftsmanship & durability. Rubber tips on each prong help hold to hair tight and comfortable.

Kippah-It On! glue (back)

Easy to Install!

Simply peel backing and press firmly into any kippah. For best results, use in a new kippah is recommended.

  • Each Kippah-It On! pack comes with two clips.
  • Mounting area measures 2" x 1.2"
  • The ten-tooth comb is made of strong, long-lasting metal
  • A rubber grip helps keep a grip on your hair

2-pack: $4.49